Behavioral Biology Laboratory


The Behavioral Biology Laboratory is engaged in research on the biology of social behavior. Dr. Maestripieri conducts research with rhesus macaques at the Caribbean Primate Research Center of the University of Puerto Rico as well as research with human subjects at his UChicago lab. His studies of nonhuman primates have addressed topics such as aggression and dominance, affiliation and social bonding, communication and cognition, mating and reproduction, and parenting and development. Some of his work has elucidated the neuroendocrine regulation of primate behavior while other research has investigated its evolutionary significance. Human research has focused on three different areas: parent-child relationships, attachment, and socio-emotional development; neuroendocrine regulation of social processes and stress reactivity; evolutionary psychology and neuroeconomics.

Human Behavior

Evolution of human behavior
Human psychological, physiological, and behavioral adaptations for social processes

Animal Behavior

Rodent male and female aggressive behavior
Primate social relationships
Primate communication and cognition
Primate mating systems and reproductive strategies
Primate maternal behavior and offspring development
Primate infant abuse and neglect
Primate behavioral neuroendocrinology
Evolution of animal behavior