Jill M. Mateo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development and The College
IMB Member (since 2002)


Jill M. Mateo, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development and The College. She is a member of the Committee on Evolutonary Biology, Animal Behavior Research Group, and the Center for Health and the Social Sciences.

Mateo received her doctorate in the field of Biopsychology, Evolution of Animal Behavior from the University of Michigan. She was a Research Associate with the Department of Psychology at Cornell University.

About the Adaptive Behavior Lab

The Adaptive Behavior Lab research program, led by Jill Mateo, Ph.D., focuses on the ontogeny and plasticity of adaptive behaviors. Because adaptations are specific to the environments in which they were selected, it follows that the development of these phenotypes is also linked to the specific environments, whether social, environmental or maturational, that organisms normally encounter. In their research, the lab uses both proximate and ultimate levels of analysis to explain the series of behaviors that developing animals exhibit.

Research Interests

Development of adaptive behavior. Specializing in communication and anti-predator strategies as well as recognition of kin behaviors.