feature_mcclintock_aging_0.jpgSpotlight: Overall health predicts mortality better than age

Institute Member Martha K. McClintock, Ph.D. and colleagues redefine well-being and look at factors beyond disease in An empirical redefinition of comprehensive health and well-being in the older adults of the US.                                     
feature_london_microbio_0.jpgSpotlight: 'Neurosteroids' and how they influence the developing brain

Institute Member Sarah London, Ph.D. explores evidence that demonstrates how neurosteroids influence the early potential for neural circuits to organize and transmit precise information in Influences of non-canonical neurosteroid signaling on developing neural circuits.
baby-under-the-towel_0.jpgSpotlight: Babies and testosterone relationship

Institute Member Dario Maestripieri, Ph.D. and his team examine the inverse relationship between babies and testosterone in Interest in babies negatively predicts testosterone responses to sexual stimuli among heterosexual young men.