Our institute brings together researchers at the University of Chicago who study the mind and its dynamic interactions with body. These interactions are studied in their behavioral and social contexts to further our understanding of psychology. Our research aims to identify the specific genetic, cellular and neural mechanisms that mediate the reciprocal interactions between the mind and body. Our institute is unique in supporting research across a diverse range of model organisms to create a synergistic environment that integrates biological and psychological sciences.

Institute Director

Edward K. Vogel

Professor in the Department of Psychology

Professor Vogel focuses on attention & memory capacity, individual differences in cognition, and neural measures of working memory, joined Institute for Mind and Biology in 2015. He has expertise in EEG, psychophysical, and neuroimaging approaches to examining the capacity limits of attention and working memory in humans and how these basic cognitive mechanisms give rise to complex intelligent behavior. Recent work has centered on characterizing neural mechanisms underlying brief lapses of attention and how they contribute to individual differences in overall cognitive ability.

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