A Critical Period for Songbirds

Institute Member Sarah London, Ph.D. sees zebra finch song learning as opportunity for broader findings

Focus of Attention is a Collaboration

IMB Fellow Nicole Hakim and Institute Member Ed Vogel, Ph.D. explore how covert spatial orienting and object-based storage maintain focus of attention

Olfactory dysfunction predicts subsequent dementia in older U.S. adults

Institute Member Emerita Martha McClintock, Ph.D. and colleagues find close connection between sense of smell and brain function and health in older adults

Resolution Put to the Test

IMB Fellow Emily Slezak and Institute Member Steve Shevell, Ph.D. explore perceptual resolution of color

How breathing shapes memory function

Institute Member Leslie Kay, Ph.D. and colleagues explore how nasal respiration influences neuronal activity

Thyroid hormone signaling tied to immune responses

IMB Fellow Ken Onishi and Institute Member Brian Prendergast, Ph.D. find links between thyroid hormone signaling and immune responses to seasonal changes in day length

Science Meets Literature

Institute Member Dario Maestripieri, Ph.D. explores how literature can contribute to our understanding of human behavior

Trade-offs between working memory and attention

Institute Member Ed Awh, Ph.D. and colleagues demonstrate the dynamic trade-off in prioritization between two spatial tasks

It takes two

Former Institute Fellow Chris Schell, Ph.D. and Institute Member Jill Mateo, Ph.D. find evidence for reduced conflict over parental care in canids


McClintock Receives NIH Award

Institute Member Emerita Martha K. McClintock, Ph.D. and UChicago colleague Elbert Huang, MD received funding from National Institute on Aging, a unit of the National Institutes of Health, for their proposal, "Social Modulation of Transitions in Diabetes: Synthesizing...

London Receives NIH Award

Institute Member Sarah London, Ph.D. learned recently that her proposal, “Neural properties that promote and limit the ability to learn,” was funded by the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), a unit of the National Institutes of Health....

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